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Job Postings


Position:     Regional Sales Director

Reports To:     Vice President, Sales

FLSA:     Exempt (This position is not paid overtime)


Position Summary: To close new accounts and retain existing accounts.


Essential Job Duties:

  • Meet and exceed required sales productivity quotas.
  • Generate new business through direct selling, written communication, and telephone communication.
  • Maintain all existing clients through ongoing customer service and problem solving.
  • Visit clients (new and existing) at least once per month and contact via phone at least once per week. Monthly visits will be with decision makers in the practice to discuss quality/service/new products and services.
  • Communicate critical feedback from territory to management.
  • Presentation of proposals and contracts to prospective clients.
  • Make suggestions to resolve sales issues and improve the revenue for territory.
  • Prepare sales forecasts for territory.
  • Respond to all voicemail, e-mail, and written messages in an immediate manner.
  • Manage sales expenses, logistics costs, and service levels to maximize profitability.
  • Maintain and update accurate client/prospect sales records and submit sales reports in a timely manner.
  • Operate in compliance with all regulatory requirements and company polices as described in the company policy manual, compliance training module, and other material.
  • Maintain and enhance the professional reputation of the company by displaying the highest levels of professionalism, competence, and personal integrity.
  • Necessary skills and traits: high level of passion and enthusiasm, outstanding work ethic (10 calls per day), excellent interpersonal skills, smart, excellent written and verbal communication skills, outstanding organizational and follow-up skills, problem solving skills, strong networker, and an impressive attention to detail.
  • Occasionally required to work evenings, weekends, and attend meetings out of territory.


Required Education/Degree:

Bachelor’s Degree


Required Certification/License:



Required Work Experience:

Minimum of 3-5 years of B2B or Medical sales experience




Position:     Laboratory Clerk

Position Summary: Responsible for assisting the Histology Laboratory in one or more of the following areas.

Essential Job Duties:


  • Pick up slides cut by the histology technicians in an orderly and timely fashion.
  • Slides are placed in slide trays, matched with requisitions and submitted with the case.
  • Slides are separated as necessary, by state and Medicare, and promptly delivered to the pathologists for sign-out.
  • Pick up blocks from embedding cold plates in an orderly fashion, remove blocks from molds, and melt paraffin from blocks to prepare for HTs. Place matching slides with blocks, including any special stains that are needed.
  • When delivering slides to pathologists, the clerk should retrieve any special stain or re-cut requests left on the counter by the pathologists.
  • The clerk should assist, when possible, in pulling the blocks for special stains and re-cuts and deliver to the appropriate tech for cutting.
  • The clerk should assist in entering special stains and re-cuts into the computer accurately and logging them appropriately.
  • The clerk is responsible for cleaning and changing solutions at the end of the day on automated stainers and coverslippers, as well as daily set-up at the beginning of the work day.
  • Communicate with Pathologists and customer service regarding missing slides, requisitions, etc.

Special Stains:

  • Pick up special stain slides cut by the histology technicians in a timely fashion.
  • Load special stain slides on an Artisan automated stainer.
  • Acquire positive control tissue blocks from Laboratory Information System.
  • Print labels for the first and last control slide.
  • Responsible for maintaining pre-validated control slides and logs.
  • Unload and maintain Artisan Stainers.
  • Stock supplies for special stains area.

Slide Room:

  • Responsible for filing and retrieving slides and/or blocks from file.
  • File blocks and slides accurately in a timely fashion.
  • Assist pulling the blocks for special stains and re-cuts and deliver to the appropriate tech for cutting.
  • Pull slides for Quality Assurance Review, match with required paperwork and deliver to the pathologist responsible for the particular division.
  • Responsible for refiling blocks and slides returned to the lab after being pulled or sent out.
  • Assist in relocating files as volume grows.

Required Education/Degree:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent

Required Work Experience:

  • 1+ year experience in a laboratory setting preferred



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E-mail: [email protected]
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Poplar Healthcare is an Equal Opportunity Employer.