A Message From the Poplar Healthcare CEO

Dear Friends & Colleagues:

Welcome to the Poplar Healthcare web site.  I am proud to represent a company comprised of highly dedicated professionals with whom I share a common mission:

To care for patients and serve the physicians who treat them.

We understand that, while we are a healthcare provider, we are serving individual people with unique needs and concerns.  The laboratory results we produce impact the lives of patients in a significant and often critical way.  The three areas that are imperative to the success of our business and those we serve are:

  • Quality:  We strive to deliver the highest level of patient care and earn each patient’s and physician’s trust and confidence.
  • Rapid Results:  No patient should wait longer for their diagnosis or test result than is absolutely necessary.
  • Cost Effectiveness:  Minimizing patient costs during stressful times is essential to the health of the patient and of the healthcare system.

At Poplar Healthcare, we understand that patients need:

Accurate answers.  Our medical staff is comprised of the foremost experts, fellowship-trained in their subspecialties, who are able to provide the most accurate and precise diagnostic results possible.  Our fully accredited and licensed team delivers comprehensive diagnoses that allow for the best patient care.

We understand that patients are:

Anxiously waiting.  We know the agony of waiting for results from crucial medical tests, so we deliver the fastest diagnostic results in the industry.  One reason for that is our partnership with FedEx, located near our facility in Memphis.  Another is the fact that our team of dedicated professionals and logistic partners work through the night to ensure patients never have to wait unnecessarily for their test results.

We understand that patients are concerned with:

Medical costs.  We strive to be a participating provider for every health plan so patients don’t have to concern themselves with hefty bills after a life-changing diagnosis.  We do this because it will ultimately reduce the cost to our patients and our nation’s healthcare system as a whole.

After nearly two decades, we remain a private entity with no venture capital or outside investment.  Our national network of physician clients is a testament to the service level our organization delivers.  We look forward to the opportunity to continue to expand our reach and serve patients and physicians throughout the United States.


James P. Sweeney
Chief Executive Officer